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Devon has been the best Spanish tutor we have had for our son.  He explains things well, is patient and knows the curriculum very well. Our son relates to him and we are very pleased with his tutoring. . . .

Devon has been tutoring my son for over a year now in Math and English. I really liked the way he made up worksheets based on what my son was learning on the subjects. He would also help him prepare for tests and catch up on his . . . 

Devon has done a really good job identifying what areas my son needs help with for Geometry and Spanish and customizing his time with him. Devon meets him where he is at and . . . . 

As an honors/AP high school student, I am very familiar with the math, English, Spanish and the science skills that your student is currently learning. This enables me to quickly evaluate areas of strength and weakness in your child and develop a learning plan for them.  I often find that even the brightest students have small "holes" or "gaps" in what they have learned. While these conceptual gaps may not seem very large at first, as more complex concepts are added, a student's ability to understand more difficult material begins to fail. My goal is to fill any learning gaps, reinforce the knowledge they have, and to make sure they have a solid in-depth understanding of the material they need to know.

Tutoring : In Person and Online

Mission Viejo ,  Lake Forest , Foot Hill Ranch , and Ranch Santa Margarita.