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            Punctuation -  capitalizations, commas, semi-colons, colons, and periods
            Sentence structure - simple, compound, complex, and compound complex sentences
            Figurative language - simile, metaphor, personification, ect.
            Paragraph structure - introductory sentence, supporting sentences, conclusion, hook, and transitions
            Essay structure - 3 paragraph, 5 paragraph, compare/contrast, persuasive, ect.
I help my students learn how to logically approach reading assignments in order to recognize:
           Plot elements - exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, etc.
           Characters - identifying types of characters,  character traits, ect. 
           Figurative language - use, interpretation, and importance
While I do not usually provide a final proof reading service for my students, I will review writing assignments with them to help students learn how to recognize and fix their errors. By using the aforementioned assignments, or ones of my own, I help students understand concepts difficult to learn in a classroom setting without individualized attention.
Language Arts is a vast and difficult subject to teach and understand because it is much more subjective then any other course of study.  There is a logical approach to Language Arts which many of my own teachers often brushed against, but always fail to follow-through on. No math teacher would try to teach a child fractions if they haven't learned to count whole numbers and English should be approached in the same manner. A student cannot write a five paragraph essay if they do not solidly understand the basic structure of writing a single paragraph. I make sure my students understand foundational concepts of English, then move on to their individual writing style and how to improve it. 
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