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Who taught me to read between the lines
I had the world's best English teacher in 7th grade.  Mrs. M took to time to actually "teach" us every aspect of Literary Analysis. She performed the miraculous feat by spending one entire semester focusing on one entertaining yet classic book - The Hobbit.

By following Bilbo Baggins through his adventures Mrs. M lead us through a world of interpretation, discovery, and understanding.  Using the Hobbit as a vehicle she taught us about annotation, figurative language, plot development, character analysis, and even poetry interpretation.

What I teach
While I provide guidance on analysis and writing assignments during the school year, I actually prefer working with students leisurely over the summer and teaching all the aspects of literary analysis by guiding them through a single book over the summer.  For younger students we will read "Adventures Wanted" by M. L. Forman.  I like this book because it has very defined and apparent themes which the students can clearly see.   For more advance students, I as Ms. M, use The Hobbit to guide students through the world of Literary Analysis.
Image by Amanda Swanepoel
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