Many teachers make math seem more complex then it is. I seek to simplify mathematical concepts for my students and give them tricks and tips for making math easier. I always strive to explain things in a simple way that will make logical sense to your child. I will make sure that your child understands foundational math concepts which they will need in order to grasp more complex material in the future. 
​​​​​​Math is truly unique in comparison to other subjects because many math problems allow a student to "Plug and Play." When you complete a math problem you can easily check your answer by reverse engineering it - do the problem backwards with your answer. 
In addition to filling gaps in your child's mathematical foundation and prepping them for more complex mathematical concepts, I will also provide them with an array of mathematical "Tips and Tricks" to help them learn the concepts.  The pictures below are some of my favorite mnemonics to aid students in learning measurements.

Tutoring : In Person and Online

Mission Viejo ,  Lake Forest , Foot Hill Ranch , and Ranch Santa Margarita.