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Online Tutoring

Some questions I am frequently asked are "What is online tutoring?" and "How does it work?" Generally online tutoring makes use of a web whiteboard or google docs and a simple phone call to connect one of our tutors with your student.


Online tutoring is efficient, lets us be more flexible with scheduling, and we don't charge for late cancellations within our two hour notice block. However, online tutoring is not for everyone. Every student is different, and the fact of the matter is some need to be in the same room with their tutor to focus and fully take advantage of the tutoring.



For Math, Science, and Languages our tutors will send you a link to a whiteboard both parties can draw on at the same time. The program allows users to add pictures, highlight, free-draw, and make shapes- making it perfect for math lessons!

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For English or History our tutors will share a google drive folder with you, where both parties can see what each other write on a page. We use it much like the web whiteboard, but just for writing! This also makes proof reading or going through previous works of writing very easy because you can share any google doc with one of our tutors without having to email any pictures or have hard copies.

What materials do I need to have?

For Math, Science, or Language, all you need for online tutoring is a way to call and an internet tab. Having a stylus/touchscreen, webcam, or a headset is not necessary, but it can help our tutors relay their messages and communicate! If you do not have a stylus, all your student would need is a piece of scratch paper and pen, or a piece of homework depending on what they need help with.

Similarly, for English or History you need a way to call and an internet tab, but a keyboard is necessary for optimal communication. 

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