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Learning Spanish is an ongoing and arduous process. Spanish is like any other subject in that students need a strong base on which to build. Starting with basic words and sentences, students need to advance to conjugating verbs, learn phrases, and to eventually learn about tenses. The downside of this pyramid-structure reality of teaching is if a student does not understand one concept, they will not be able to keep up with the class. Usually in a classroom setting it becomes difficult to question every word you do not know or to figure out what you are doing wrong. One on one tutoring will help identify what the student is missing, fill in those missing gaps, and then prepare the student by introducing the next step of the pyramid.


Devon has been the best Spanish tutor we have had for our son.  He explains things well, is patient and knows the curriculum very well. Our son relates to him and we are very pleased with his tutoring.  I would defiantly recommend Devon.

2018 Lisa from Mission Viejo, CA

Your Spanish student can be helped with:

  • Reviewing and reinforcing current classwork.  

  • Using physical movement and mnemonics to aid in memory retention.

  • Reviewing and teaching new concepts through the use of a popular book called Pobre Ana by Blaine Ray. Pobre Ana is an extremely well written book which slowly introduces new words and then reinforces them through engaging repetition.

Please Note: While I am available to tutor entry level Spanish, I have several excellent Associate Tutors who are either native speakers or specalize in more advanced Spanish instruction.

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