Devon has been tutoring my son for over a year now in Math and English. I really liked the way he made up worksheets based on what my son was learning on the subjects. He would also help him prepare for tests and catch up on his studies. I found it really surprising that Devon would be able to tell me where my son was at academically better than any teacher. He also has come up with a plan to track and understand homework for the year. He continues to exceed my expectations!

Shelly from Lake Forest, CA

Devon has been the best Spanish tutor we have had for our son.  He explains things well, is patient and knows the curriculum very well. Our son relates to him and we are very pleased with his tutoring.  I would defiantly recommend Devon.

Lisa from Mission Viejo, CA

I have always had a hard time getting through to my daughter when she has had trouble in school, but Devon excelled at connecting with her to the point where we bumped up my daughter's grades whole letters.

Steph from Lake Forest, CA

We had tried out four tutors before Devon, and non of them compared to the way he managed to put our son back on track after years. The first day he came to us Devon brought a review packet and pointed out all the little problems we did not realize our son had. There were concepts Max did not learn well which impeded his entire progression through math class, but Devon highlighted and subsequently corrected the problems. After smoothing out the rough patch of missing concepts, Devon showed Max tricks for mental math (After that session he came running to my husband to show all the things he learned how to do in his head) We have never seen our son so excited about learning, especially about math. Thank you so much Devon!

Rosie from Lake Forest, CA

Thank you so much for your help this year! Its really hard to express how much the effort you put into Jake means to me, but I will definitely recommend you whenever I get the chance. One last time, thank you for your flexibility during the finals fiasco, it was a miracle to have you around!

Marion from Mission Viejo, CA

Devon has done a really good job identifying what areas my son needs help with for Geometry and Spanish and customizing his time with him. Devon meets him where he is at and works to get him to the level he needs to be at.

Molly from Mission Viejo