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Associate Tutors                                       

2tor2u is happy to introduce you to our associate tutors! I have personally worked with each associate (before I make referrals) to make sure they will be able to help your child succeed. 


Please note that associate tutors are not employees of They are private individuals who run their own businesses. may provide these individuals with referrals but we are not their employer. Any and all contractual arrangements you make and services they provide are solely between you and the associate tutor. 


If you need a background check you will have to obtain that directly from the independent tutor.  2tor2u is not a staffing agency. I offer referrals as a courtesy to clients interested in services, that due to time constraints or specialty, I am unable to provide. If you are interested in meeting with an associate tutor contact the number or email above.​

Tristian Larkin (Physics)

Physics, Java/Computer Science, Math 8th-BC, H                    

Tristian Larkin is one of our most exceptional science tutors. He completed AP Physics with one of the highest scores in his high school's history and is currently taking upper division Physics classes as a Sophmore in college. Tristian is one of the few people 2tor2u can call an expert in teaching the basics of the field.


Lindsey Lau (K-Middle School)

Math, English

Hi! I am Lindsey Lau, a College Senior. I am an Honors student and I believe that there are many different approaches to help students learn! I would love to help your elementary or middle school student find their motivation to learn and expand their knowledge! 


Math, English, Theater Arts                               

Hello! I’m a college student with a passion for learning and teaching younger children - making me a perfect fit for your elementary or middle school student. Academically, I find joy in English/Language Arts studies as well as History.


Throughout my years in high school, I took entirely Honors/IB or AP English classes. I have AP credits in AP Literature, AP Language Arts, and AP Seminar. In the past I have worked as an Assistant Director at Creative Kids Playhouse Children's Theater of Orange County for their 8-13 year old troupe, as well as currently working as their Fundraising Intern. I love working with younger kids and cannot wait to help your child soar above and beyond in their studies!

Maryclare Ramirez (K-10)


Seita Yoshifusa (6-11th)

Math, Japanese                                                                                    

Hi, I am Seita Yoshifusa, a Senior at UCLA.  I can speak Japanese and English fluently, which motivated me to take a Spanish class. I participated in all honors and AP classes, but I specialize in math. For years I have helped classmates understand tricky concepts, and that invaluable experience prepared me to be a great tutor. I greatly look forward to working with your child and helping lead them to success!

Breanne Boyle

College Advisor, BB College Prep
President, Western Association for College Admission Counseling

Breanne Boyle has been working as a college advisor since 2011 and has helped over 400 students through the college application process. She hasn’t tired of seeing students' excitement over being admitted to colleges. She is a regular speaker at Capistrano Unified, Laguna Beach High School, and other local organizations. She is the current president of the Western Association for College Admission Counseling, a professional membership organization of over 2,500 folks from high schools, colleges, and other related fields. Outside of counseling students, she is a quilter, a mom to two very loud and fluffy corgis, and an avid equestrian. If you ever need advice on how to get dog hair off furniture or what saddle best fits a short and (somewhat) pudgy horse, she can give you that advice for free.

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