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2tor2u is happy to introduce you to our associate tutors. I have personally worked with and evaluated each associate (before I make referrals) to make sure they will be able to help your child succeed. 


Please note that associate tutors are not employees of They are private individuals who run their own businesses. may provide these individuals with referrals, administrative support, and curriculum guidance but we are not thier employer and any contractual arrangements you make aer soley between you and the associate tutor. Upon the agreement of the associate tutor and the client, can provide a back up tutor if an associate tutor has a conflict. If you are interested in meeting with an associate tutor contact the number or email above.

Lindsey Lau (K-Middle School)

Seita Yoshifusa (6-11th)

Math, Englsh

Hi! I am Lindsey Lau, a College Freshman. I am an Honors student and I believe that there are many different approaches to help students learn! I would love to help your elementary or middle school student find their motivation to learn and expand their knowledge! 


Math, Japanese

Hi, I am Seita Yoshifusa, a Freshman at UCLA.  I can speak Japanese and English fluently, which motivated me to take a Spanish class. I participate in all honors and AP classes, but I specialize in math. For years I have helped classmates understand tricky concepts, and that invaluable experience prepared me to be a great tutor. I greatly look forward to working with your child and helping lead them to success!

Maryclare Ramirez (K-10) (Online Only)    


Math, English, Theater Arts

I am a freshman college student with a passion for learning and teaching younger children -making me a perfect fit for your elementary or middle school student! In the past I have been hired by Creative Kids Playhouse Children's Theater of Orange County as an assistant director for their younger troupe. I love working with younger kids and cannot wait to help your child soar above and beyond in their studies!

Tristian Larkin (Physics)

Tristian Larkin is one of our most exceptional science tutors. He completed AP Physics with one of the highest scores in his high school's history and is currently taking upper division Physics classes as a Freshmen in college. He is an excellent tutor and one of the few people 2tor2u can call an expert in teaching the basics of the field.



Tutoring : In Person and Online

Mission Viejo ,  Lake Forest , Foot Hill Ranch , and Ranch Santa Margarita.