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Engage your student in a five hour long adventure with four other players lead by one of our seasoned Dungeon Masters. New players are provided a selection of premade characters, but it is encouraged to make your own name, quirks, and backstory. Returning players stand to gain yet more treasure and glory. Sign up for a preset event below, or request a time that works for you.


5 Hour Session

Once you purchase a ticket, go to your email and copy the time stamp from the top right of the Paypal confirmation email (Ex. Mar 15, 2020 15:35:09 PDT) and follow the steps in How to Play to register for an event. If you need to cancel, the ticket will not be used up and can be used some other time. 

A Forgotten Temple
Thu, Apr 02
Location is TBD
Apr 02, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Location is TBD
Something sinister has risen from the sands... who dares explore this Forgotten Temple?
Taming The Witchwood
Mon, Mar 30
Location is TBD
Mar 30, 3:00 PM
Location is TBD
A twisted forested, wicked witches, and five foolish *cough cough* 'brave' adventurers...
Delving The Glithmore Crypt
Sat, Mar 28
Location is TBD
Mar 28, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM PDT
Location is TBD
Beasts? Mages? Zombies? Golden treasures? What does the Glithmore Crypt have to offer...

Request an Event

Our Dungeon Masters keep flexible schedules to accommodate as many people as they can. Tell us what date and time works best for you, and we will see about setting up a session for you! The more players that are available for that time, the more likely we will be able to schedule a new session at a requested time.

Tutoring : In Person and Online

Mission Viejo ,  Lake Forest , Foot Hill Ranch , and Ranch Santa Margarita.